Anonymous: is your URL from the song beat my head against the wall? awesome

Lol I’ve never heard this song until now, but yep, there it is. 

"He’s got the boner again. Well at least this time it makes sense."

Today is the anniversary of The Simpsons first appearance on television.

On April 19, 1987, “Goodnight” was aired on The Tracey Ullman Show.

Happy Birthday, Simpsons!


Comic: Adventure Time - Seeing Red (Kaboom)


Thumper and Miss Bunny wish you a Happy Easter!

Crown Of Love — Arcade Fire


Crown of Love | Arcade Fire

The pains of love, and they keep growing

In my heart, there’s flowers growing

Losing Lisa — Ben Folds


Ben Folds - Losing Lisa


It’s the 50th anniversary of the 1964 New York World’s Fair! Walt Disney and the imagineers were an integral part of the most popular pavilions at the Fair. Here Walt is explaining the production of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln for the State of Illinois Pavilion at the Fair. Walt was a huge admirer of President Lincoln, and this was a personal passion of his. These GIFs are taken from Disneyland Goes to the World’s Fair (1964).


#How to propose 101 taught by Mr. and Mrs. Pond.




i just went from aw to wtf

I appreciate this trailer so much.


chloe is already running everything


The Overland Stage and Territorial Saloon at the Disneyland Hotel, 1980. Via Vintage Disneyland Tickets.

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